Operation Gromdor

God Damned Wizards!

Nothing good ever happens when one suddenly "shows up."

Things that happened

  • Dwyddion, Gromdor, Temper, & Zanz all wake from their respective inns, hungry for breakfast. Unfortunately, there seems to be no one about. Heading out into the street they find only chaos.
  • Meeting up, the party wonders what is going on. Gromdor, the smooth talker that he is, decides to interrogate a doomsday cultist on a soapbox. Not getting satisfactory answers, Gromdor steals the man’s soapbox and heads off looking for loot to put in it.
  • The rest of the party, failing to notice the fire raining from the sky, get whisked away only to wake up somewhere in a field on a distant plane next to a number of strangers (Vegas, Moxie Crimefighter, Belbella, Gup Gup) and an old wizard.
  • The wizard tells those that have woken that the world needs saving. Some important information was given, but the entire party wasn’t awake at the time and so missed it.
  • Dwyddion wakes up just as the wizard disappears and notices a rock where he had just been sitting. He goes over to investigate and finds a strange carvings on the rock and cannot make heads or tails of it. A little frog person, Gup Gup, comes over and decides that licking it and then rubbing it would be a good idea.
  • The party immediately falls deep into the Underdark, landing unharmed.
  • Finding themselves suddenly in a dark cavern with what appears to be exits at either direction, the party has little recourse but to set off.
  • After a bit of stumbling, the group finds themselves face to face with a number of large bats
    who were doing quite a bit of damage until Belbella cast a silence spell knocking out their echolocation, rendering them effectively blinded.
  • The battle eventually ends, the party a little worse for the wear, continues on. Dwyddion notices a skeleton in the corner of the room they were about to leave and goes to investigate. Obviously no longer in need of his possessions, Dwyddion feels no shame in looting his corpse of quite a few objects, immediately donning the hooded cloak of Elven Kind. The rest of the loot was distributed amongst the rest of the party.
  • Continuing through the cavern upstream, the party eventually finds themselves in a larger room with a ledge, dropping about 80 feet below. Only moments later the party is surrounded by grimlocks wanting the shinies the group is carrying.
  • Thankfully, the grimlocks are not as tough as the bats and fall rather quickly despite their superior numbers. Much looting was had, though much healing was also needed. What remaining spells were used up and the party made camp for the night, after tossing the dead grimlocks over the ledge.
  • Next “morning”, Gup Gup decides he wants to find out what is at the bottom of the ledge. After much effort, and oddly, much surprise, he found dead grimlocks. After having his fill of swimming around in entrails, he climbs back up the cliff.
  • Continuing on toward the exit, Dwyddion, Gup Gup, and Moxie take the lead. Unfortunately, Moxie didn’t notice the tiny traps that were set off by them walking. This catches the attention of several individuals who demand to know what is happening. Gup Gup starts floundering in his attempt to win their affection, so the bard makes a bow and lets them no we mean them no harm. Realizing they are dwarves, Dwyddion converses with them in Dwarven about ancestral lines, stone masonry, and all sorts of information boring to anyone but a dwarf.
  • After gaining their trust, and gathering information on who the prettiest dwarf in the city is, the party is admitted to the Dwarven safe haven, check out the tavern, and exchange gems and gold for new pretty items.


Shayna’s Cleric is named Belbella, and yes Baker’s half-orc is named Vegas.

God Damned Wizards!

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